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Submitted by Rayo Garcia on 22/12/23 – 15:18
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Dear colleagues:

With great pleasure we share with you the 2nd. Communiqué of our next RIDEF Oaxaca 2024.

We confirm the dates of the Reencounter: It will take place from August 2nd to Augst 11th, 2024. The Pre-RIDEF will be held from July 29th to August 1st in Mexico City. The Post-RIFED will be from August 11th to August 15th on the beaches of the coast of Oaxaca.

We also want to share with you that you should stay aware, since during the next few days the RIDEF: Oaxaca, Mexico WEB SITE will be opened, in which the registration process will be explained. There you will find the precise indications for this process, as well as the description of the Pre-RIDEF and Post-RIDEF. The costs of the various lodging options available in Oaxaca will also be described.

Information will also be provided on how to obtain the Letter of Invitation for those who need to obtain a visa in their countries to travel to Mexico.

We recall the theme of this Reencounter: The genesis of critical thinking and resistance in teacher training. We invite you to reflect and write about it, thinking of orienting our discussions and workshops related to this important perspective.

Likewise, we invite all participants to propose workshops that support these reflections and share the various training paths we have followed to reach our current practices. Remember that they can be long (18 hours) or short (2 hours) workshops.

On the other hand, we suggest you start a dialogue with your students regarding the demands they have for the school. Remember that, after the pandemic, new needs have emerged in schools and these must be transformed according to the new school, social, local and global realities. All this will allow them to participate in the 1st International Meeting of children and adolescents in the RIDEF.

We have worked hard in the preparation of RIDEF Oaxaca, Mexico. The different commissions are clear that cooperative work allows us to solve and overcome the various difficulties that an International Meeting implies. We are very excited about the proximity of coming together and believe that we are investing our best efforts so that everything will be meaningful, enriching and will allow us to continue growing as FIMEM.

We will continue to send information through Communications, as well as on the WEBSITE. We ask you to stay aware.

Receive a cooperative embrace.

Organizing Committee RIDEF Oaxaca, Mexico 2024.